Our Philosophy

For millions of families in the developing INDIA, farming is not just an occupation it is the sole means of survival. These small holder farmers grow several crops on their field to cater the need of better livelihood of their families and communities.

Traditionally Indian Farmer suffers a lot in the whole process from production to selling their products. Better livelihoods with stronger Communities can be only achieved by making agriculture more sustainable, productive and profitable. To achieve this goal, STAC along with its highly experienced team helps these farmers in every dimension of their farming business to improve their reliability on the farming with achieved goal of better sustainability with improved returns by various capacity building programs as:

  • Justicious uses of natural resources mainly soil & water to preserve & improve the Biodiversity.
  • Controlled use of inputs adopting Integrated crop & pest management system.
  • Recycling of waste to minimize dependency on market.
  • Assess of better market place without any middle agency.

What our Associated Farmers say:

My Journey with Patel group as a cotton farmer started more than a decade back in 2002-03. The commitment of this Organisation has not only given a What our Associated Farmers saybetter platform for selling my cotton directly to the Ginning factory point without any middle agency but also equipped me with latest information & technology of cotton farming to get better quality of Cotton in good  quantity. Like me I know several farmers have been getting similar support from this organisation. Recently we are updated with the information of Cotton farming methods through different sustainable methods by using less chemical and pesticides and reducing our dependency on market for different Agro inputs.